Friday, August 21, 2009


I realized today that I do not own any mixing bowls. I own plenty of really pretty pottery serving bowls, and a couple of aluminum bowls, but nothing that I could use to mix up muffins (or crepes or cakes or pancakes or... you get the idea, I'll stop now). I needed plastic that I could really abuse. Since forever I have been using either my nice serving bowls or cereal bowls to mix stuff up in. Did this make sense? NO, I like to cook. I needed some bowls.

So tonight after work I wandered over to the TJMaxx Homegoods store, and spent a huge chunk of time in there. (And this was after I spent another huge chunk of time in some craaaaaazzzzy traffic backup on I-40. What the heck was that about? I know the Wilson County Fair is this weekend, but surely that did not cause traffic to back up for miles and miles on a Friday night. I am stumped. Flummoxed.) I found a colander (red metal), two sets of glasses that I liked (heavy in the hand, simple lines), and a 6 piece set of melamine mixing bowls. I got in line and just felt blah about all of it. You can't get out of line at that TJ Maxx, so I had to wait until I was first and then take off. I put everything back and went to Kroger for some Coke Zero. (To use as a mixer with brandy I recently acquired- you can never be too prepared girlscouts!)

So while I was there I thought I might as well take a peek at the kitchen utensil section and see what they had. And do you know what I found? A set of 3 melamine mixing bowls, with non-skid bottoms. They had taller sides and better colors than the bowls at the Homegoods store, and they were the same price. The lesson here is: never settle. I should just stop shopping at discount stores completely, what I get there (with the exception of bedding) is never quite exactly what I want and then I'm stuck with whatever it was, and I feel guilty about buying it until I get rid of it.

Anyway, the purchase of 3 bowls has inspired a lot of kitchen rearranging, or maybe just weeding out what I don't use that much and packing it away on a back shelf in the pantry. I didn't need a set of 6 bowls when what I am really trying to do is pare down how much STUFF there is.

I think I need to break the bowls in tomorrow. Popovers anyone?

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