Friday, August 21, 2009

Boscos- Hillsboro Village

I decided that since I've been going to so many new (to me) restaurants and places lately, I should start writing about them. Then I will remember where I went and if I liked it and what the food was like. Also, I've decided that I should become just as self important and self involved as the Julie character in Julie & Julia, and as I blog about all of this local Nashville stuff I can read a biography about a local personality, say Andrew Jackson, and pretend that we're having conversations and then write a book about my experiences. Wait, no, that might get a little awkward.
Me: Soooo... slaves on the plantation eh? How's that working out for you?
AJ: Wait, back up, women can VOTE?

(Sidenote: was anyone else sort of bugged by the fact that Julie kept hitting the "enter" key to publish a blog post? Wouldn't that just bump you down a line? Don't you have to click "Publish" or something along those lines? I haven't used anything other than blogger, so maybe I'm just not that experienced with this here BLOOOOOGGGG stuff. I always get hung up on the details.)

SO, anyway, last night I went to Boscos in Hillsboro Village to meet some friends and talk about "Queen of the Turtle Derby" by Julia Reed. I'd never been before, and my overall impression was that the place was LOUD. Like loud-bar loud. I think there was some sort of mixer going on in the bar area, but really the place was not conducive to conversation. And that's hard when you have a group of 7 people trying to swap opinions about a book, or anything at all. (The book is pretty funny by the way, it's about growing up in the South and the "Southern Experience" and if you enjoy the short story format you should go read it. Well, finish reading this first because I'm trying out this whole self-involved self-important thing.) The service at Boscos left a lot to be desired. That could just be the waitress we had, and not the staff as a whole. Although I've noticed that this type of place likes for you to linger and drink, so perhaps I was just impatient.

Boscos is a beer place, and their beer was delicious. I had the Isle of Skye (which the waitress told me would make me "hate Guinness forever"), and it was a good dark beer which was slightly lighter than Guinness but more flavorful. I heard from people at the table that the pizza was delicious but I had the steak sandwich which was FANTASTIC. In my experience when you get a steak sandwich at most restaurants you hardly ever see really good quality steak in it, like cooks think all of the other flavors will cover up the fact that you're eating shoe leather. But this was a ribeye steak cooked to order, then put on sourdough with shoestring onions and a sauce that just made the sandwich sing. Was it healthy? No. But the steak was tender and that sandwich was awesome. I want another one. And another of those Isle of Skye beers. YUM. (I took half of my sandwich home and had it for dinner tonight and it tasted just as good as it was yesterday.)

I really like Hillsboro Village and it's an area that I always mean to go wander around in on a Saturday afternoon and it just hasn't happened. They have funky clothing stores and a furniture store and a used bookstore and a really good coffee shop. And the Belcourt Theater, which I also haven't been to yet. I need to get out more!

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