Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Little Overwhelmed

Real Estate is overwhelming. My internet browser currently has tabs open for,, my realtor's info sheets, google maps in street view, mortgage calculators, and, well, there's always facebook to distract me when I need a break.

Condo or house? Sacrifice location for price or go big because the interest rates are so low? Pay an association fee or take on maintenance and yard work? How much work am I willing to do to make the place move-in ready? Is this really the best time to buy as far as the market goes? Is this the best time for me to buy as far as personal finances go? Will I have a job in six months? How much space will I need in five years? Will I be in the same city in five years? And most of all, why am I doing this????

Normally if I were so uncertain about something that would be a big red flag to not do it. However, when it comes to the subject of buying a house, I think my uncertainty is probably really common and I just need to CALM DOWN.

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Anonymous said...

It IS a huge endeavor. So normal to feel scared and overwhelmed. Take it step by step. Breathe. You are such a capable person and can figure out what is best for you! :) And, I'll bring something fantastic to eat and a nifty present to the housewarming!