Sunday, April 12, 2009

Johnny Depp

So I vaguely remember 21 Jump Street being on TV when I was a kid, but I was waaaayyyy too young to watch it. Recently it came up on my Netflix recommendations and I decided oh what the hell. Why not? A little late 1980s Johnny Depp never hurt anybody.

I IMDB'd 21 Jump Street to see when it first came on the air. April 12th, 1987. And today is April 12th 2009. Freaky coincidence! And I have to say that Johnny Depp looks better now (when he's not in one of his weirdo red carpet get ups), than he did 22 years ago. The man never ages. I swear he and his cheekbones made a deal with the devil.

Oh, and of course the 21 Jump Street fashions and hair styles are KILLING me. Loving the '50s throwback vibe going on there. But the show actually seems to be pretty good.

So here we have it:
Awwwwwww, so young. So baby faced. Seriously, the guy was 23 in this picture but no wonder he got the part in this show. Don't you just want to take him home and feed him cookies or something?

A still from Public Enemies, Johnny as John Dillinger. Swoon. Perhaps it's because of all this age that I've got going on now, but Johnny at 45 is way better looking than Johnny at 23. This Johnny would be getting cookies of an entirely different nature. (HA! Get it? I slay me!)

And, by the way, Public Enemies is going to be awesome. Johnny Depp AND Christian Bale in ONE MOVIE. Can't wait for July! Go watch the trailer. You're welcome.

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