Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Farewell to My (Stupid, Immature, Confusing, Unsettled) 20s

So, today is my last day in my 20s. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday! I know a ton (a TON) of women who have freaked out at this sort of news (newsflash! time marches on! you just can't stop it!), but honestly I'm looking forward to my 30s. When I think of how far I've come in the past decade... I just... holy crap a lot has changed in ten years. Ten years ago I was:
  • working at a bakery
  • taking classes at the local university
  • volunteering at a community theater most nights
  • dating a guy from school and a guy from theater
  • (in case you were wondering, neither of them worked out)
  • trying to decide where to go to "real" college
  • spending way too much energy on drama
  • wearing flannel shirts (seriously)
  • couldn't even drink yet!
WOW. That feels like such a long time ago. So much has happened since then. Ten years ago I would NEVER in a MILLION years have guessed I'd be where I am now, both professionally and, uhhhh, locationally? I don't think that's a word. In my 30s I will be empowered to make up words that aren't even real! Oh wait, I do that anyway. So that's just a personality trait. The biggest thing I've learned is that you are never as self-assured as you thought you would be as a "grown-up". And everybody is feeling exactly the same way so instead of being the socially awkward freak I felt like in highschool and college I have realized that I am totally NORMAL.
Today on my lunch break I went to the fabric store and bought a ton of aqua and brown striped fabric that I will be using in my bedroom. I tried doing this a couple of weeks ago with some fabric I had lying around but I HATE how it turned out so I'm going to re-cover my headboard and replace the curtains with something a little less ICKY (from far away it looks sort of yellowy-grey and I was NOT expecting that) and a lot more FABULOUS. And I'm trying to figure out a way to cover my window at night. Building maintenance has either re-discovered or installed a light right near my bedroom window that is making my room fairly bright at night. I don't want a big heavy curtain that would block the sunshine during the day. Instead I'm thinking I'll need to get some fabric that is fairly light weight but very dark in color and use stick-on velcro... ugh. I can't do that. Just typing that feels tacky. So instead I guess I'll be devising something with cup hooks and grommets that I can put up at night, and take back down during the day and stash under my bed or something. I need blackout curtains!
And sleep. I also need sleep. For some reason (too much light perhaps?) I am obnoxiously tired today and I want to CRASH. So I'll go home (yes, I'm writing this from the office- but I'll probably post it from home- so I already maybe AM home woooooo), staple some fabric to my headboard (I might even iron it first!), sew up some quick curtain-valance thing, contemplate the light at night situation, decide that a glass of wine would probably help the decision making process, dig through my bin(s) of fabric, have another glass of wine, wonder why I care so much about light anyway when I could just sleep on my living room floor instead (it's much darker in there), and pass out around 11:00 to the dulcet sounds of Jay Leno's melodious voice.
Because THAT, my friends, is how one rings in their 30th birthday!


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Harrison Bergeron

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to yet another Heather from yet another Heather! I have to tell you, my 30s has been so much more fun and crazy than my 20s. Now, girls in their 20s bug me with their unwrinkled skin and their toned abs. You'll love it too, I'm sure!