Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why God Invented Stylists

Before you read any further, please go look at these pictures of Carrie Underwood at the Grammy Awards. Go on. I'll wait. You can read it and vote too, I sure as heck did. (In case you're interested, my voting went something like this- YUCK, ok, WHAT? PEA SOUP and TOTALLY GUILTY!)

Now, why the hell is she dressing like some random cross between Shirley Temple, Xena Princess Warrior, and a 1970s Vegas lounge singer? She is WAY TOO YOUNG and WAY TOO CUTE to be messing with this stuff. Especially her outfit that includes a harness and hot pants. Which really was a relief because when her performance came on Sunday night I glanced up from painting my toenails and did a triple take thinking, "Surely this child has some pants on? That CAN'T be just a dress? Is it? Are those people on the floor getting an eyeful or WHAT?" Under the lights that dress just looks like some sheer skirt with a harness and you really can't see what is going on. And all I was thinking was "Please let the Fug Girls get to that SOON!"

Carrie, you're allowed to hire a stylist who will do you justice. You really can sing, you don't need some distracting outfits like Katy Perry to hide the fact that you can't. Because you CAN.

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