Friday, February 06, 2009


I got home from a business trip to Pennsylvania today. (Oh my gosh, according to spell check I spelled "Pennsylvania" right on my very first try! Those double "n"s always trip me up and look funny, but NO! I stuck to my brain and not intuition and for once I have spelled this state correctly. Please never ask me to spell the name of the state that is home to Boston, I regularly screw that one up and then feel dumb because, well, I clearly remember learning to spell it in middle school. It just didn't stick. I've always been an abysmal speller. But I spelled "abysmal" right too! I read in the airplane magazine that your brain hits its peak at 39, I must be getting smarter! I've got 10 or so good years left.)

Oh wow, how did all of that wind up in parentheses? ANYWAY, this is Ms Heather Ramblepants coming to you live from Nashville Tennessee where she is very grateful to live. Especially after spending days in a state so cold that I couldn't breathe when I walked outside. Whew! The air was so dry my knuckles are cracking, and my eyes rebelled and didn't stop watering for 2 days. (Okay, I really can't blame dry air on that I guess. Could have been the down pillows at the hotel. Or a very short case of pink eye.) I mean Jesus, how do people put up with that shit for months on end? I was glad to get to the airport (where it was 20 degrees and cloudy, with lots of snow on the ground), stuff my heavy winter coat in my checked luggage, and get my happy ass HOME.

Here in the land of more civilized weather, it was 60 degrees and sunny when the plane landed. Ahhhhhh, that's more like it. Yes, I was born in Maine but I think all of that tolerance for cold weather dried up years ago. I'm okay for a visit but I sure as hell am not going to be living in a climate like that. Unless, of course, I am forced to do so by something drastic like economics. Otherwise, I'm staying right here, thankyouverymuch.

So... weekend plans, aside from thawing out when it is 66 degrees tomorrow (LOVE IT) include my bookclub meeting tomorrow, catching up on Netflix (which I've downgraded to 2 discs at a time because I just never get to them these days), reading more of "East of Eden", doing something physically active, and eating up those Costco peppers. You now have all the news I am capable of giving at this time because I have to go soak my hands in hot oil or something.

PS While we're talking about spelling, I had to go google "Crikey" to make sure I'd spelled it right and apparently it's another word for "Christ". That means that not once but TWICE in one post I have taken the name of the lord in vain. Maybe I should capitalize that "L". Hmmmm....


Anonymous said...

Crikey, another southerner complaining about weather when they seldom (if ever) have to deal with it. Honestly, what is up with that? We all know that February and March get a little dicey up north in terms of mental stability and cabin fever but cold hands and dry eyeballs (yeah go ahead, blame it on the weather) are temporary and surely not any worse than sweating in that God-awful heat (note capital G) y'all whine about in August. So in defense of the state I live in that I can't always spell either, here are some reasons for liking winter:
1. Snow storms are beautiful
2. Snow days off from school are state holidays
3. Winter changes the pace - hibernation mode is a good thing (think knitting, Netflix, and beef stew)
4. Dealing with the inconvenience of shoveling and warming up your car is good for you and reminds you that there are things you just can't change even if you are human and humans generally think they can do whatever they want. (I say this at the risk of sounding like I have Catholic Guilt Baggage and believe that life must be hard) (I don't)
5. Mittens are fun accessories/necessities
6. White Christmases are magical
7. Spring, when it finally arrives, is downright magical

Not that I have any strong opinions. Not that I ever hear complaints about winter from people who have never lived through one (a real one, that is, not the "we might have a little ice tomorrow - gotta run to the store and get 6 gallons of milk" variety). Not that anyone repeatedly mentions "how nice the weather is here" every time I visit the south during the winter months (gotta use a calendar to know they are "winter months"). Not that I have ANY baggage about this topic. This is just in the interest of true and balanced reporting....

MA resident

Heather said...

Nope, no baggage at all. I thought this would be the one that pushed you over the brink and forced you to leave a comment. :)