Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow and the Cat

It has been snowing all morning. The really perfect snow that keeps coming down in big flakes but doesn't ever stick to anything. SO PRETTY. I wanted to go outside and play, but since I had to work today (I believe my sister referred to my company as "racist"- have you ever had a real job* young lady???) I decided it might not project the most professional image possible.

Last week sucked work-wise (hello layoffs, I saw you coming but denied it, sorta like getting the flu), and I stayed remarkably busy, at least for me. I went out one night to a brew pub (technically for my bookclub but we talked about the book for maybe 20 minutes and I was there for almost 3 hours). Friday night the same people went to a friend's house to watch Battlestar Galactica, and I was a bit confused because I missed most of what happened at the end of the last season. I'll probably get the whole series on Netflix once it's all out on DVD and watch it all the way through. Annnnnywho, I met another really cool woman there and we're all planning to go bowling sometime soon. I love that I'm meeting so many like-minded transplants lately. I'm going out again tonight too, to try a new restaurant with a bunch of people. It's cold and parking is a bitch so we'll see how that all works out. Hopefully it will all be fun and delicious.

It was really cold last week (it didn't get above 30 degrees for a few days in a row) and there is a little white and orange stray cat that has been hanging around the parking lot freezing to death. She is really pretty but very timid and hasn't gotten within 10 feet of me, although she is interested in attention. I have a feeling someone moved out and left her behind, and if I can get her to come any closer to me I might take her in. (I keep saying her but really I have no clue whether this cat is male or female.) So, it's not like I've acquired any cat stuff or anything drastic like that (okay, I've gotten little cat treats to lure her in, but I SWEAR that's it). There's a good chance I'll never see her again since cats come and go pretty quickly here. But I have looked up the number for vets in the area just in case. I don't know how long this poor cat has been outside but she'd need a good looking over before she comes in. I've never really been a cat person but we'll see what happens.
I am such a political nerd that I am taking the day off tomorrow to watch the Inauguration. I'm really excited to see it, and I'm not going to make do with CNN articles at my computer. Nope, instead I'm staying home all day watching C-SPAN, making "Inauguration Day Stew" (this just means that I happen to have carrots, green beans, and potatoes that really need to get used up, therefore: beef stew). I also have to finish that damn Duchess of Devonshire book because it's due Wednesday. I'm halfway through. Okay, tomorrow is cooking, inauguration, and about 8 hours of READING. Good thing I am taking a vacation day!

*And by real I mean one that is in an actual corporation that scoffs at things like National Holidays that post offices and banks would be closed for. We get the big ones: New Years Day, Memorial Day (check out that vacationless gap on the calendar, you'll probably beg me to quit my job), July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (and the day after because they know no one is coming in on that day anyway), and Christmas. Just last year they canceled Good Friday but gave us Christmas Eve instead, which I was pretty happy about. SO, MLKJ day? Presidents day? Valentine's? Mother's day? The Harvest Moon day? Solstice? No. We will work and make money because TIME is MONEY and that is how the world works. You teachers and government employees can just kiss my jealous ass.


HeatherBakes said...

That's so sad about the cat! Do you think anyone has been feeding it? My parents rescued their cat and she is the SWEETEST kitty.

Heather said...

I just keep throwing her treats when she's around... I thought she was gone but nope, she was back yesterday. HOWEVER, she still won't get within a couple of yards of me- she just takes off. I think she'd be a really sweet cat if she would, you know, let herself be helped!