Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year to Meeeeeeee

So, this year I've done what I always do around the New Year: clean and ruthlessly de-clutter. I had a revelation that as I am nearly 30, school projects that seemed so important 8 years ago really are just binders and garment bags taking up precious space. So, that 100 page report on the pros and cons of textile trade with Bangladesh in 2003? GONE. The ever so meaningful poems from some class I took in London more than 10 years ago? GONE. The sewing projects from draping classes? GONE. (I did keep a corset and some little embellishments from a couple of projects.)

Cluttery stuff I don't even look at any more that was just taking up space is out of here. CDs and DVDs that I've listened to or watched one time and put on the shelf are in the box for Goodwill. My filing cabinet has been reorganized and the old papers that are no longer needed have been shredded. My mattress has been vacuumed and I washed all of my bedding. Floors have been vacuumed and baseboards dusted. I even knocked together some shelves and boards into a workspace on my desk that houses my new flat screen computer monitor. My office supplies are boxed up and shelved within easy reach.

The count so far: 7 bags in the dumpster and a bag of clothes and two boxes of STUFF ready to go to charity. There is room on my bookshelves, room in my closets, and there are a lot of clean, clear surfaces. Hello 2009! I'm ready for whatever you have in store for me!

As for resolutions... I'm going to keep all the resolutions I made last year (exercise and finances). I did really well with those. Since I started tracking my exercise in March (I'm big on tracking things) I have walked 122 miles, along with 30 strength training sessions and 30 hour-long yoga sessions with stretching after everything. My longest break was almost a month in June/July (that was a bad month, exercise was way down on my list of priorities), and my longest streak was working out every day for 10 days in the beginning of September (I usually average every other day). 122 miles looks good, but really that's about a mile every other day, so this year I want to double that. My goal is to walk 250 miles this year. So far I've done, ummmm... 2. Huh. Guess I've got a ways to go.

My new resolution is to try to keep my nose out of other people's business, namely family drama. I technically started that one about 3 weeks ago, but when you think of a resolution it doesn't make sense to just wait around for the new year to implement it.

I think I'd better go knock out a couple of miles. 250 is a big number!

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