Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The H List

Ohhhh yeah, I'm taking a page from Oprah here. She's the most powerful woman in the world. When she says "Buy", women around the world say "How Many?" You watch, soon I'll be starting my very own book club in which I will convince you that the books I read are the BEST, and publishers will call begging me to endorse the latest. Retailers and manufacturers are going to be mailing me free stuff to review and convince the masses to buy. Oh yes, it's going to happen. I have a plan.

Until all that fame hits, I'm going to share with you some stuff that I've really enjoyed lately.

Glogg. This alcoholic drink is imported from Sweden, but since grocery stores can't sell anything stronger than beer in Tennesse, I can get the Glog mix in a bottle from World Market and add it to wine or rum or vodka or just water. It tastes like Christmas- all spices and delicious cuddly holiday cheer. Add to a mixer, heat it up, and drink it. MMmmmmmmm.

Glade Candles in Snow
. I can't understand why people buy outrageously expensive candles. I don't see what the big deal is. I love the Snow candles. One fills my entire living room/ kitchen area with this amazing smell. And the jar is pretty.

Talbots Pants. The. Best. Pants. Ever. My mom has been raving about these for a couple of years now. And I finally tried on a pair and they fit perfectly. They make me look like I've lost 20 lbs (on top of the 20 lbs I've already lost) and the fit is PERFECT. They also come in a bunch of different styles and fabrics and I love all of them. Except for the heavy, wintry tweed- that's a little too bulky. I don't need help in that area. Anyway, I now own 3 pairs. In 3 weeks. This trend MUST STOP.

Entertainment Weekly. I get this every Friday in my mailbox and I'm a little embarrassed to say that I read this before all other magazines, like Time and Business Week and all the serious stuff that crosses my path. I get so much printed media now (thanks to a my Delta Skymiles that I used to get magazine subscriptions) that if I haven't read it in a week I'm allowed to pitch it in the recycling bin without guilt. It has greatly improved the clutter situation around here.

Fage Greek Yogurt. I buy enough of this to last a week at a time at Publix and the cashier always gives me a weird look. But they're the only store that sells it around here and I LOVE it. It is expensive and it has ruined me for all other yogurt because it has a thick creamy texture and tastes wonderful. I've tried other brands but they always taste like goatmilk or something else a little off. I eat it with honey and granola for breakfast. Or with strawberries for dessert. I knocked out a HUGE chunk of my Christmas shopping Monday. I haven't really been in the mood to shop for Christmas yet, but I have had a list going for months and I decided to take advantage of the Cyber-Monday deals. I got some really great bargains. And I didn't have to deal with pushy people in crowded stores. AND my shipping was free for most items.

Southern Comfort Eggnog. The best with or without the Southern Comfort, or whatever it is you choose to throw in your nog. Personally I like some rum and a little nutmeg. I don't even like eggnog normally, but this is smooth and rich and sooooo good. I was excited to see it in the grocery store the other day. And tonight I have realized that this makes an AMAZING white russian. Trust me on this.

Marie Antoinette. I'm reading a really good biography about her (I was reading this a while back, and then I stopped for a book club book, and now I'm back to it). She's human. And one day maybe my sister will send back my DVD of the movie. (Does public humiliation work?) She was definitely a victim of bad PR during the French Revolution. I feel sort of sorry for her.

I think that's it for now. Next time I'll have to get Oprah style pictures (bright colors, white background, tasteful styling) for added effect.

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