Saturday, October 04, 2008

Look at all them lashes!

I bought new mascara Thursday. I realized my old stuff was flaking off and falling into my eyeballs at super inconvenient times, like when I was driving down the interstate or watching movies or doing anything that involved, you know, vision. And then I tried to figure out what kind of mascara I had been using because I was fairly happy with it when it was newer, but all of the writing was rubbed off the tube and I thought WOW this might be pretty old and that's disgusting! So I went off to the drugstore and purchased a tube of L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara in CARBON BLACK. I'm putting that in big letters because L'Oreal has got a lot of their stuff in CARBON BLACK now and that seems new (ha ha, right! aren't there cave paintings done with charcoal?) and exciting and better than "very black" or "soft black" or "black/brown" or "deep black", or the very boring-sounding "black". I think those marketing people are on to something. I was hooked.

I dragged out the digital camera because #1 I'm trying to take more pictures. I'm really bad about it and blog posts are a lot better with pictures to break up all them there WORDS. I'm chatty. #2 I wanted to see how the mascara looked, and that's really REALLY hard to do with a mirror, or even two mirrors and I thought AH HA! Brilliant! I can just take a picture. And this picture is AWESOME, isn't it? I mean, I haven't done a thing to this picture but re-size & crop my TV out of it. It must be the lighting or something. My skin looks fantastic, and look at those eyelashes! Whew! I could catch flies with those things. It is great- lengthening and thickening (hmmm, I've gotten some spam that says something to that effect), it hasn't smudged or flaked, and it's not too hard to take off. (Unlike that water-proof Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara I got a few months ago- holy crap that stuff will NOT come off. Even with straight vaseline from the tub you have to rub it in and then wipe it off like 5 times and by then you've got vaseline in your eyes which is gross because you can't SEE. And I'm pretty sure I'm ripping out eyelashes in that process. So it hasn't gotten a lot of use around here.)

Too bad I didn't get the rest of my head in the shot. I've tried to get this picture again and apparently it was a one-time only event- it just hasn't worked since. SIGH. I think I'll take this picture with me when I get my driver's license and my passport renewed. Sure, you can't see my whole head and you can't see what color my eyes are and that might or might not be a state-issued background but I don't care! I'm turning 30 in 6 months, these are things I have to SAVE! I could be a teenager here!


HeatherBakes said...

Lovely photo! I've noticed the "carbon black" option... were I the not-lazy/cheap type, I would be curious to buy a tube of this and a tube of the regular black and actually compare the two.

PS- Hooray for 80's names! There do seem to be a lot of us Heathers in the blog world. Weird.

Yet Another Heather said...

Okay, the really weird thing is that my friend Heather introduced me to your site and she has been signing her comments on your blog as "Yet Another Heather" before she knew that was the name of my blog. Whew! So we DEFINITELY have too many Heathers running around here!