Friday, August 31, 2007

Catching up....

So, as my sister pointed out to me yesterday, I blogged every day in November, but I can't get ONE post up for August? Well that's just plain unacceptable.
So, here are the weekend plans.

*MHM got his wisdom teeth out on Monday, and he's busy being pitiful. He's been staying at my apartment and sleeping until 11:00 when I call him from work to see if he wants anything for lunch. Lucky for him he's a cute one or I'd kill him from the jealousy. All that sleep. It just is not right. Anyway, he's been in a significant amount of pain, so he called the dentist this morning in anticipation of the long weekend (filled with pain). They were not surprised. Now he's staggering the Demerol with Advil and that should help some. He's just going to have to wait it out. And develop a prescription pain killer addiction.

*Last weekend when I was in North Carolina I saw Superbad with some friends and I think MHM needs to see it. The drugged state could only make the movie funnier. And I want to see it again.

*I bought an obnoxious amount of MAC makeup whilst in NC. NO, I take that back. It was not obnoxious, it was just more than I really should have gotten but screw it, you only live once. The MA did this amazing smokey eye thing on me (appropriate, what with Smoke Signals being their new campaign), and I LOVED it. I didn't even look like a drag queen! So I have come to work not once, but TWICE this week with sexy smokey eyes. I needed blush anyway. AND they have a fantastic eyebrow gel, and I think I've said on here before that I have these eyebrows that are incredibly wimpy looking because they are blond. I'm not talking pale, I'm talking white and invisible. So she slapped some of that Brow Set on those puppies and I have more eyebrows than I ever knew I had. Big brows are coming back and I'm going to ROCK THEM. So I only got 4 things at MAC, but it was a tough decision. I wanted strobe cream. And lip gloss. And other things, but for the most part I could find cheaper alternatives from Jane at Walgreen's. (I just got an eyeshadow called "Sungloss" from Jane which is this really great neutral nude with a hit of shimmer or subtle sparkle to it. It is really great for blending other shadows or wearing on its own.)

*In light of the recent addition to the makeup box, I'm going to try to depot the new eye shadows so I can get them into an E.L.F. palette. And yes, I have enough makeup that saving the space will be worth it. It's also convenient since I'm out of town every other weekend, if I can get shadows and highlight in 1 case that's a big space saver! The E.L.F palettes are wonderful- much more sturdy than MAC's and they have a mirror in the top so it saves even MORE space. I bought an extra one in case they get discontinued. Anyway, here is the method I will use to snap those pans out.

I guess this post has revealed my true makeup whore tendencies. I love makeup. One of my favorite books is Carmindy's "Five Minute Face". I never tried highlighting before I read that book but now I don't see how I didn't do it before. I use Wet 'n' Wild mega eyes in "Cream" and it is such a great highlighter. It looks like a blah yellow in the container, but it is actually a shimmery creamy color. In case you haven't noticed, I am not above buying drugstore brands, particularly in powder formulas, as I usually can't tell the difference between those and high-end brands.

I don't think I could live without It is a great sanity check when I really want something I saw on TV or in an ad. The reviews haven't let me down.

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