Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Allow me to tell you what my boss said to me today. You need some back story first though. Her back has been bothering her lately, and I pointed her in the direction of these very handy back-helpers that Sam and I both use to relieve stress and muscle tension and all that.

So she comes to my cube after she read the reviews and decided to go get them at the bookstore at lunchtime.

"I read the reviews and there were only 6 or 7 out of what? 60? that said they were bad. And then it was little stupid picky stuff. Like the smell or the plastic. Guess what people? Balls can smell. And they get sticky! Get over it."

I bit down on my bottom lip so hard to keep my sandwich from flying up my nose. She had NO CLUE how funny that sounded. NONE. She kept going on and on about how people shouldn't review things if they have dumb comments to make. And my face was red from trying not to laugh or choke on lunch. And then it just came to me again how funny that was, so I had to share.

Happy Tuesday!