Thursday, February 01, 2007

I will smack my meteorologist

The predictions last night were dire: 2 inches of snow covered with ice overnight, with 2 more inches today. People raced to the store for bread and milk. The news did major coverage of the road crews laying salt solution on every overpass they could find. I know that in most parts of the country this is not a big deal, but in this fair southern city you might as well shut everything down when there is 4 inches of snow on the ground. We're simply not equipped to handle that, both in machinery to move it, and experience to drive in it.

So this morning I wake up, and stretch. Visions of pancakes and hot cocoa dance through my head as I imagine a leisurely breakfast before the roads cleared and I drove in to work. I bounded to the window in my pajamas, open the blind, and... nothing. Not one speck of anything even resembling frozen precipitation.

No leisurely breakfast in my bathrobe watching The Today Show.
No quiet day at the office with half the staff unable to get out of their subdivisions.
No pretty glistening fairy-land trees covered in ice.
I didn't even have to scrape my car. What a letdown!

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Heather Meadows said...

(I have no idea if the comment I just posted went through or not, because I switched to "THE NEW BLOGGER OMGWTF", so it forced me to log in again, and when I did it showed me my dashboard instead of a confirmation message!)

That sucks. Apparently some counties north of here got a dusting. I'm soooooo jealous...