Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Two years ago I hung out with my dad at a pseudo New Year's Eve "gathering" and every guest was gone by 9:00 pm, his girlfriend and her son were in bed asleep, and dad and I sat in the basement drinking beer and watching South Park. It was not good. That night I vowed never to have such a terrible New Year's. Don't get me wrong, it was fine, but I was expecting more.

Last year MHM and I were in a cloud of luuuurv and went to bed early to read books and snuggle. It was a very good New Year's Eve. Low key, but happy.

This year MHM and I went to his uncle's house and hung out with his family and I had so much fun. Between the old army stories and the "discussion" about business ethics vs. your boring everyday ethics, the food, the drinks, and the general loudness, I had a good time. And I got to kiss my sweetie at midnight, then listen while people made obnoxious phone calls to relatives. This is why I really like his family- they're a touch insane.

Party blowers sound like moose in heat.

Happy New Year. :)

I don't believe in resolutions. They induce guilt, and they're forgotten by March. I believe in lifestyle changes.

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