Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another one has found me!

Sooooo, after the downright TRAUMA of My Handsome Man finding and reading (the horror!) my blog, I actually just flat-out TOLD my little sister where to find it. On the condition that she never ever tell my parents. I think I'm coming along rather well here.

I wonder what she'll think about this- after all it is mostly me bitching about my car or teeth or computer or whatever other hassle comes up. Or it is me going on about vapid crap. I'm getting better at writing about that because my secret dream is to be a bombshell a la Dita Von Teese. Don't know her? Google it. She's the image of high-maintenance upkeep. She's fabulous. She's into corsets. We should do lunch.

Today's installment of the computer woes: I called because of this random spontaneous reboot my computer seems to be into lately. I say "random" and "spontaneous" because it happens every single day and the only way I know is from the error message waiting for me when I sit down to do something important, like check my email. So I called, and the guy had me do a System Restore (totally dumb and useless seeing as my system has been doing this ever since it was installed last month) and then re-start my computer. "Did you get the error message?" "No, of course not." "So this problem is resolved!?" GAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Why did I just extend that warranty? You might be seeing me on the news....

On a more positive note, yesterday I organized my office into boxes and shelves and while it is stil not QUITE where I want it, it's a hell of a lot better than it was. I can't believe how much better things look without clutter. Pack it into a box and it's like an island of instant calm in here. Not to mention all of the crap I got rid of. Why am I keeping boxes for computer parts to my old computer? Why am I keeping icky wool that I will never in a million years want to spin? Or yarn made out of such cheap acrylic that I can actually feel it squeaking between my fingers? Or pens that don't work? And why exactly did I have 7 (that's right, SEVEN) boxes of 20 crayons? And don't even get me started on the big box of books I've been trying to get rid of for about 4 months now. Maybe I can donate them to the library book sale.

My New Year's purge cycle is in full swing!

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