Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm glad it's Friday. It has been one hell of a week. I'm tired and ready for a break.

After watching Grey's Anatomy last night, I'm not sure I could ever handle being a parent. Or, rather, a potential parent. One friend of mine had her baby three months early, and every day is a waiting game. Another friend is six months pregnant but has started having issues that require lots of rest and relaxation and very little stress. I witnessed my first of the legendary pregnant woman, hormone induced crazy crying jags the other day, which was amusing and sad all at the same time. Could I ever go through that? Probably I will one day, but it all makes adoption a really attractive option.

Then we went to see MHM's neices and nephews tonight and I realize that they're an insane brand of birth control but also really cute and fun. So who knows, I'll probably be a mom one day one way or another.

That's what on my mind tonight. I'm too tired for any more. :)

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