Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ohhh, what a FUN weekend (?)

So, this weekend is so not really fun. MHM is in the middle of quitting smoking, and totally cranky. Me, I'm PMSing like mad and totally bitchy. Together we are like the incredible irritatable team. I think we should have t-shirts with logos, maybe a big box of chocolate for me and some salty snacks for him.

To try to make up for it (cheaply), we went to the library to find some books. Alas (alack!), all the books MHM wanted were at the main library, and not the branch. Well that was fine with me because I've been wanting to see the main downtown library and it is GORGEOUS. Big and open and airy, with a very serious reading room, HUGE lobby-type area, and lots of local collections, computers, and BOOKS. It was so much fun, and made me slightly happier, which seems to be the name of the game right now.

Topping off the afternoon, we went to Baskin-Robbins and each got a pint of ice cream for the weekend. His is some sort of Cherry Cheesecake something or other, and mine is Pumpkin Pie, which tastes EXACTLY like pumpkin pie! Who woulda thunk it?

So now I'm going to go read my Stephanie Plum book, and some Sweetpotato Queens (this is the wedding planner and divorce guide, and not NEAR as funny as their first two books), and maybe eat some more ice cream, and wait out the hormonal roller coaster. I LOVE being a girl! Like one of my friends used to say, "Just think, all this cramping, bloating, bleeding, breaking out, moodiness, and fatigue, and one day I too can bear precious little children...."

Yeah, it's really not that bad a weekend, I'm just not in the mood for it.

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