Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The One Where All Is Quiet....

I am in a pseudo-long-distance relationship with the best man on the planet. By pseudo-long-distance, I mean that we live 2 hours apart, which is the most passive-aggressive distance there is. If we lived even 1/2 hour closer we'd be living together. If we were further apart one of us would have moved. But 2 hours is just enough time to drive back and forth on weekends. We've been trading off fairly evenly for almost a year (!) now, with exceptions made for who has long weekends off and who isn't feeling well.

The hardest thing about this is the leaving. Usually we have every good intention of leaving on Sunday night, but Sunday night rolls around and darn if it just doesn't happen. This means waking up and being out the door by 5:30 on Monday mornings, not exactly the best way to start the day (not to mention the week), but it still beats leaving a whole 12 hours where we could be together and aren't.

So what do we do with these weekends of pretend living in sin? We go to the grocery store. We cook. We read. Watch bad TV. Get involved in crazy art projects. Go drop in on his sister and her 3 (adorable) kids. Drop in on my dad at the House of Weird. Sleep in- a bone of contention, as I'm a big believer in catching up on sleep and he thinks sleeping in is probably making it worse. But I'm always out of bed first in the mornings so I'm thinking he's all talk and no action.

The very weirdest thing about this is the night after I'm there or he's here. It's quiet and a little sad, but also a little nice. I can do my laundry or read People magazine or do a face mask, all of which I would still do if he were here, but when it comes to trashy magazines and beauty routines, I know he's laughing at me. Laundry, well, who doesn't look for an excuse not to do laundry? And the best thing is that when he's gone I'm not annoyed by his smoking. It isn't a huge thing, he knows he has to quit before I'd move anywhere for him, but it does get tiresome. And he's been smoking a lot lately.

Other than that, I still miss the guy. Yes, I will talk to him on the phone tonight, but it just isn't the same. When you find the one you just want to be together. It's that simple.

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