Thursday, April 27, 2006

The One With a 9/11 Rant

Am I the only one who sees United 93 as a way for a studio to make a bunch of money under the guise of patriotism? Is it treason to even suggest it? Every time I see the preview for this movie I get so upset. Obviously 9-11 was traumatic for everyone in the country, maybe the world. Perhaps I would feel differently if I knew anyone personally affected by the terrorist attacks or any soldiers who went to Afghanistan. Maybe I'm just being cold and heartless.

So why this rant? Let me tell you....

#1 I feel that this movie is too soon. Sometimes I feel like the Twin Towers fell last week. Let's dump 5 pounds of salt into all of those healing wounds- those of families, friends, co-workers. It seems that replaying those images of fear and terror are going to upset a lot of people, not fix any problems.

#2 One of my co-workers told me everyone should see this movie so we "never forget". Then he said, "People need to know why we're fighting this war." I all but bit my lip off trying to keep my mouth shut. Which war, I wonder? The one in Afghanistan? Iraq? I hope he's smart enough to know that the current major "war" and the WTC aren't connected. His son is in the Marines, maybe he can straighten this guy out.

#3 Playing up the trailer as a fight of good vs. evil, and a tale of patriotism, the studio is guaranteeing a great box office draw. If you don't go see this movie you might as well buy a one way ticket to Canada. Unless they are donating a portion of the profits to some sort of 9-11 fund or charity, the bottom line is that movies are produced to make money.

Let's not forget this story is essentially fiction folks. Yes, they tried to be as accurate as possible in regards to phone calls and records, but really no one knows that happened on that flight. History is being re-written here, and there aren't enough smart people to stop it. I hope I don't sound in any way like I am defending some of the worst criminals in the world, that is not what this blog is about.

This blog is about how inappropriate it is for a Hollywood studio to make money off of a movie about one of our nation's worst days. Feeding our fears and morbid sense of curiosity, all with the intention of feeding the bottom line. It is so tacky it makes me sick.

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