Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mad Style

So, my favorite fashion bloggers, Tom and Lorenzo, do two Mad Men posts a week when the show is on.  And it is some of the very best analysis of a tv show I have ever seen.  I think you can only do this with shows that are as detailed as Mad Men because otherwise you'd be picking apart the significance of something that was just a coincidence. 

Anyway, they do a post on Monday mornings that is about the latest episode, followed by a pure fashion analysis post on Wednesdays.  And I LOVE them.  They go into the symbolism of colors, and how costumes call back to (or conflict with) other characters, and other scenes, and even scenes in previous seasons.  Then they get into '50s and '60s fashion and how fast it was changing and how you can tell the older characters have trouble making themselves more modern.  It is so in-depth and interesting.  They point out things I wouldn't have noticed in a million years.

So, with coffee cup in hand, I have to go read that post now.

Join me!

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