Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowed In

Well Chiclets, I am stuck at home today. Yesterday the snow was so pretty, but it was falling on a layer of ice and now... now it's chaos out there! I had every intention of going to work around 9:00, but when I looked out at the road in front of my condo there were two cars that had spun out- and one of them was a police car. Then the news said that there was a wreck on the ramp I take to the interstate. So I decided that going out in this just wouldn't be smart. I can work from home. Obviously schools are closed.

I can't even get good pictures- ice doesn't show up too well! We got around 3" of snow yesterday, but it was so windy last night that it only looks like an inch or so. The windchill will be in the single digits today... and it's not even winter yet! WE ARE NOT PREPARED!!! (I know, I know, that is not even enough snow to mention in places north of here, but in Nashville it's been on the news all morning- we just don't typically get winter weather like this- the county has only a handful of snowplows. We count on salt.) This stuff better start melting pretty quick- there's too much that needs to get done at work before I can leave for Christmas. I'm ready for a good break.

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