Friday, September 24, 2010

I Don't Know Why I Did It.

Months and months ago I was at the computer and the TV was on. I heard an ad for a dating website called "ZOOSK" so I decided oh what the hell I'll check it out.

I was about halfway into the sign up process when I came to my senses and realized that this was a really bad idea (as far as I'm concerned all free dating sites are a bad idea). I hightailed it off of that site pronto- but they had my email address!

I have searched and searched and I cannot find a way to get my email out of their automatic matching system. Oh sure, I can click on unsubscribe but I still get their emails!

And what, you might ask, do these emails include? The include a name and a photo and an invitation to "FLIRT NOW!" And I have to tell you that these photos are making me question my sexual preference and wonder if men really are worth it.

Case in point: B-RAD who looks like a large man in a shapeless shirt sitting in a recliner with a beer. Is this really the impression that B-RAD wants to give to every woman who sees his picture? A beer-swilling couch potato who can't even put on a clean shirt much less stand up for his picture?

Or how about ALLORNUTHIN who is posing on his little red motorcycle? I think we know where I'd be on that list of priorities: "DON'T TOUCH THE BIKE!"

Or perhaps I should FLIRT NOW! with the really creepy looking guy in a very dark picture standing next to what might be a bar, or alter to Satan, holding a drink or maybe a chalice of blood. You never know.

Is this REALLY what the dating pool is looking like now? Are these the options once a woman is past 30?

Yes indeed. I'm going to be single forever.

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Anonymous said...

There are lots of icky men out there, for sure. But, there are also a lot of men finally growing up in their 30s, a bit wiser with a relationship or two behind them. Sounds like ZOOSk attracts the ickies. Maybe try a more reputable online dating service? You seem like a good catch.