Wednesday, March 10, 2010


'Tis the beginning of March. And do you know what the means for me (and what I forget every dang year) since I moved to Nashville?
When I was a kid I NEVER had allergies. The one thing I heard all the time growing up in North Alabama was "Oh, people move to the Tennessee Valley and they're fine. But they DEVELOP allergies later." Oh whatever, thought my 10 year old self, I don't have allergies. I didn't even know what allergies were. And I was totally fine until I left the Tennessee Valley for college and then moved to Nashville when I was 26 and it all started. And it seems to get worse every year, just like those gleeful harbingers of gloom and doom and allergy hell predicted.
I always think at the beginning of March that I can't possibly have allergies because it's too early and there's not even anything blooming or whatever. Heck, it was snowing just two weeks ago, how can any plants want to wake up so soon? tells me that Alder, Cedars, Juniper and Maples are cranking pollen into the air, so it must not be too early. I also checked my handy dandy blog and yessirree I do this every year. Last year it was a few days earlier, but the exact same symptoms: sore throat, nasty sick feelings in the morning thanks to drainage, and really festive stuff coming out of my sinuses. This year I also have sinus pressure, which I originally thought was a headache due to stress at work but no. No no no. Heather don't be so silly. It's sinus pressure from my nose behind my eyes and into my temples. Allergies make me really spacey and dumb like my head has been stuffed full of cotton candy, and very tired. I've already started Zyrtec and I'll start the Mucinex tonight because EVERY YEAR this turns into a sinus infection and I really would like to prevent that mess.
And, of course, I will be neti potting my life away. So maybe this isn't a really exciting post to read, but March 2011 you can bet that I'm going to be really excited I wrote it because I can have yet another moment of going "OOooooohhhh, I did this LAST YEAR TOO!"

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