Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Glasses!

Y'all. Seriously. These are the funnest glasses I have ever owned. Also, suddenly things are really REALLY clear. I didn't think that this prescription was drastically different from my old one, but WOW WAS I WRONG. It's like somebody cleaned my windows after 30 years of sandstorms. It's like God touched His Very Own finger to my eyeball. It's like... okay it's like I got new glasses.

Wanna see?

OF COURSE YOU DO. You'll just have to excuse my less than appealing post-workout hair:

Another look? Okay!I crack me up.

The lighting on the ol' web cam is not fantastic, so just so you know these are silver and PURPLE. They're light and really comfortable- I don't even feel them and I JUST got them. And best of all?They have MAGNETIC snap on sunglasses. Seriously, I might never wear contacts again. Especially after the woman at the eye place told me that contacts change the whole shape of your eye over time and that sort of grossed me out. Oh who am I kidding? I'll probably be back to wearing them by Friday.

Aaaaanyway, I had to share. Hope you're having a good week my little ducklings!


Dayle said...

You're cute. Nice glasses! ... wish I could say the same for the nails.

Frumpy Sister

P.s. the verification word I have to type to submit this is "tatis" heheh! What's a tatis? ;)

Heather said...

Geeeeez, they're not even black nails today! Just dark red. Practically normal! Someday I'll pull out the teal sparkle again and take pictures just for you. :)

And yes, what the hell is a tatis??? Sounds REALLY dirty. Ew.