Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Project- an STMMC post

Another edition of Doing Away With Shit That Makes Me Crazy!

Two of these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond
In a couple of hours my closet went from this:


To this:

And look at what I got to give to Goodwill!While I was in there touching pretty much every piece of clothing I own, I put aside some sweaters I hadn't worn for 2 winters (can anyone say "Sweater Coat?") for Goodwill too. And I vowed that I will never buy another oddly colored sweater or shirt without a matching color camisole to go under it.

Yes, it was a little initial payout, but here's the thing: my clothes were all falling off of those slippery plastic hangers. And anything with straps needed a hanger that had little hooks on the end, so invariably I had to switch hangers with something else that didn't need little hooks, and then stuff would fall off anyway and end up living on my closet floor getting wrinkled and dusty. ARRRGGGGGHHHHHH! These hangers are flocked, and have little dents for straps, and so far nothing is moving off of these babies unless I want them to.

Closet Bliss.

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Shopping Ethically said...

I love a good closet cleanout!! I just did this yesterday for the millionth time this year. Today I made myself wear an outfit that I haven't worn all winter to justify my keeping it instead of Goodwill-ing it