Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

1. People on Facebook have tagged me for either 10 or 25 random things. So instead of thinking of so many random things about myself, I'm lumping them all together into 1 monster 25 randoms things about myself post. Because I can. Try and stop me. And I thought HEY, I can torture my blog readers with this mindless crap too! Lucky you! And if you're one of 2 or 3 people on Facebook who knows I have a blog, well, you are EXTREMELY special.

2. I have had a huge crush on Brian Williams since I saw him on SNL. Look! He's funny!

Who wouldn't love this guy? Incidentally, I saw him on Letterman last night and he said he's turning 50 this year. I'm turning 30 this year. Coincidence? I think NOT. (Clearly we are the only two people on the planet having birthdays that end in zero in 2009.)

3. While we're on the subject, I also have a crush on Yo-Yo Ma. It's awesome to watch a man do the work he loves.

4. And while we're STILL on the subject of more, uh, mature men, my sister would be very quick to point out that I also had a crush on Billy Bob Thornton. What can I say? The man has charisma.

5. I love the Sonic commercials with the guy and the girl in the car and he invariably says something stupid. They crack me up.

6. While we're talking about Sonic, I would get a Cherry Vanilla Coke from there every single damn day if I could. I haven't had one in months. They are the soooo good.

7. My favorite late-night talk show host is Craig Ferguson.

8. My favorite day-time talk show host is Ellen.

9. If I could live anywhere, regardless of cost, it would probably be London. With a vacation house in the Caribbean for winter. Because I'm not THAT much of a masochist.

10. Nashville is pretty darn nice too.

11. The last CDs I purchased were Cold Play, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West. I like to imagine I have a wide range in musical tastes, but, ummmm, I guess I just buy anything playing on the radio that catches my attention.

12. When I was a kid I was TERRIFIED of tornadoes, I'm not even kidding. I learned everything I could about storms and now I could probably be a meteorologist no sweat.

13. My ideal job would be Textile Artist. Not Meteorologist. They rhyme! (Yeah, this self centered post is getting to me and I'm starting to crack under the pressure. Half way through....)

14. I am a very private person. People probably think I'm a stuck up snob, but really I'm just shy.

15. I love to travel but hate business trips.

16. My very favorite show of all time has to be The West Wing. I keep trolling Amazon to see if they ever put the entire DVD set on sale. (They do not. Bastards.)

17. My very favorite guilty pleasure show is The Girls Next Door. It's funny, women tend to like this show and men hate it. The first 2 seasons are fantastic.

18. Speaking of which, my other dream job if I were a completely different person is Burlesque Dancer. Dita Von Teese is my idol.

19. I love living alone and need lots of personal space. I pity the man who will marry me one day. I pretend it's a phase and I'll outgrow it. (I know that's not true!)

20. I drink tea all the time, mostly to keep warm at work.

21. If I am in the car by myself I am probably singing.

22. Yes, I voted for Hillary Clinton. And then I voted for Barack Obama. I know, this is a big fat shock.

23. Oh my God I'm almost done with this thing. It has gotten out of hand. Ummmm... I almost never leave dirty dishes in the sink. They make me crazy and I just can't stand it.

24. HOWEVER, laundry I hate with a passion and wish I could do it less often.

25. I think these are the coolest smartest DUH idea I've seen in a long time: http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/gear/8e82/

So I tagged a whole bunch of people on facebook but I wouldn't do that to anybody here. It is EXHAUSTING. I'm going to have to go lie down and recover now.

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