Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, one year ago I was experiencing my teeth rotting inside my head. Numerous (countless, really) visits to the dentist and a few thousand dollars later it looks like my front teeth are finally good. Some were drilled, some were prepped for crowns, a couple were pulled, several different bridges were tried in varying sizes and shades of white (some looked like tic-tacs had been slapped into my mouth), eventually one was glued in, and there was a root canal somewhere in there, but FINALLY it all looks right. And doesn't hurt. And the infected bone (the medical term for that would be the Aveolar Process structure of the Maxilla- see, I make sure you learn something on this here blog) has healed up and filled in.

I had a cleaning today and instead of giving me news like, "HEY! Let's yank the two most obvious teeth you've got!" I only had 2 little teensy cavities. Such a relief. Some people might think cavities aren't something you celebrate but let me tell you something you innocent little creatures new to the world of dental hell, cavities are NOTHING. I got them filled while I was there, and they used fast-acting anesthetic which I'd never had before. I requested it because I had a meeting this afternoon that I couldn't be slurry-speeched for, but that stuff is FAST. So unless it's some really quick work you need done, I don't recommend it. I was feeling things about 10 minutes into the procedure and they had to stop and numb me up again. But it worked for today.

It occurs to me that I'm not even sure how many fillings I have. 10? 12? 30? I can't count. How many teeth are in my head? And it's not like I'm not taking care of my teeth: I floss every single day (even over my bridge which is a bitch), I brush two or three times a day, I've worn a night guard every night for the past 8 months. And today they gave me prescription toothpaste to try to stop some of this decay going on. I fully expect my teeth to just fall out like so many Chiclets one day. It's only a matter of time. But I am hoping that in the 20 years it takes for that to happen dental technology will be so advanced that getting them replaced will be a breeze. I can't believe how far the technology has come in the past 20+ years of my own complicated dental history.

So YAY! No more rotting teeth this year!

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