Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well, it's Tuesday

I like to think that after being in the corporate world for over 6 years now I'm pretty good at handling myself in the workplace. Making small talk in the elevator, telling my employees that they can't take vacation on a particular week, and mastering the art of the succinct email are all skills I've become pretty good at. But there's still one that stumps me to no end.

I'll call it "Days of the Week Chit-Chat".

Every time I ask a select group of people how they're doing, they give me a shrug and a smirky sort of face and say, "Well, it's Tuesday."

Because obviously I'm supposed to infer from this that it is still 3 WHOLE DAYS from Friday and how the heck do I think they feel anyway? It's just Tuesday.

But they also do this on Wednesday and Thursday, and on Friday there is the variation that instead of a smirk there is usually a smile.

If you don't like your job that much, you should go wait tables or something with a really irregular schedule. Then see how dumb your days of the week chit chat is when you shrug and sigh and say, "Well, it's Saturday." And people will look at you like you're a moron.

Hello all 2 people who might read this blog. I'm back.

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