Friday, August 29, 2008

Fancy Stepstool

So remember in my last post, the one right under this one, where I said I didn't have a chair or any step-stool sort of object so I used my bedside table to hang my window mistreatment? Well I decided it was high time I fixed THAT (how would I get high enough up to clean the top of my fridge?) so here's what I did.

I took some upholstery fabric that I had lying around:
I found my roll of duct tape:

A plastic crate just like one of these:

And a high-density foam chair cushion that I found at Jo-Ann's:

I cut and shaped and taped and fooled with fabric until I got this:

It's actually really comfortable to sit on because the high-density foam is super thick and I can't feel the ridges in the bottom of the crate even when I stand on it. It looks pretty cute just hanging out in the living room too!

And, as I told my sister, the whole time I was looking for the picture of the high-density foam I kept thinking, "Lorraine, you are my density. I mean- destiny." Which just makes me giggle.

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Sorry, I just swooned and my head hit the keyboard. I love me some George McFly.

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