Tuesday, May 20, 2008


You know, this is one of those days. I woke up with a dry throat. Not sore, just dry. But now I'm wondering if I'm going to get a cold tomorrow or if it's taking over my body right now because I tell you what, I am exhausted. I want to get in some warm soft pajamas, crank up the AC, take some Nyquil, and sleep until, um, tomorrow.

Instead I'm at work with close to nothing to do. If I stare blankly into space will anyone notice? If I read blogs all day will anyone notice? If I go home at lunch will anyone notice?

To top it all off I have my Big Brothers/ Big Sisters interview tonight. I really want this to go well, I think it would be fun.

This morning this girl I work with got on the elevator with me. She was on the phone with her husband and seemed sort of reassuring but irritated. She hung up and said, "Charlie makes lunch for me everyday, but this morning he forgot to put it in my car!" Which just cracked me up. I emailed that to Sam asking if he'd do that for me, and who are these perfect people? And he said, "Yes, I will, but I'll also forget sometimes." Awwwwww.

It's freezing in here today. FREEZING. Maybe I'm sick and feverish? I could just go home... I have 8 episodes of The West Wing that aren't going to watch themselves.... :) I also really need to go to Walmart, it's the one place I can think of that will have bread, lemon juice, sunscreen, and wooden hangers (it's getting to be time to upgrade). Also, I want to see if they have any different colorways of the dressy mesh shirts I got there last week- they work with EVERYTHING, and they're super flattering. We shall see.

Things I'm waiting for:

-The mess of perfume samples I ordered from theperfumedcourt.com

-The strapless bra I ordered from JMS.com. They tell me that should be here by Friday, and I hope it fits. I'd like to wear my sundress this weekend without my bra flashing out all over the place. Plus, a girl needs appropriate undergarments if she expects her clothes to work AT ALL. Where have I been?

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