Wednesday, January 30, 2008

7 Random Things

So, about 8 million years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth (8 million years seems a bit too long ago for all that, but you get what I mean. A long long time ago.) Heather tagged me to say 7 random things about myself. And since this was so long ago I've had lots of instances come up where I think, WOW, that is a completely random thing about myself! I should remember to put that in the ol' blog post I have to do! The one from 8 million years ago! Do you think I remember? Of course not. I don't even think to write it down on the handy-dandy car visor notepad my mom got me for Christmas. So I'll have to sit here and come up with 6, because I sure did think of one on the way home tonight. Go me!

1. It just annoys the crap out of me when people being interviewed on NPR or the Today Show or CNN or whatever, pick an outlet, can't appropriately respond to the interviewer's thanks for their presence at the end of the interview. For example:
Interviewer: Thanks for being with us tonight.
Interviewee: You're welcome.
Is it just me or does that strike you as a bit snooty-two-shoes? Like, you're welcome for my supreme being deigning to join you on your little show. I hate it. So, if you are ever interviewed for any media at all, here are the two appropriate responses:
Interviewer: Thank you for the exciting insights on the economy of 11th century Poland.
Interviewee: Thank you for having me.
Interviewee: It was my pleasure.

2. I also get really annoyed at family sit-coms featuring a really skinny beautiful accomplished gainfully employed wife with a confused, annoying, childish, scheming (but at least they're funny!) husband. Examples? Okay. Everybody Loves Raymond. King of Queens. Life According to Jim (is that really the name of that show? that looks wrong). There are more. I just never watch them.

3. I am seriously OCD. It comes in streaks. I get on a tear to do something (clean a room, try out a perfume, organize my socks, you get the picture) and it is all I can think about until it is DONE. This is why I write so many lists, it gets the stuff out of my head so I can concentrate on other things. Even my nasty nail biting/picking habit is a side effect of OCD- apparently I'm trying to make them look perfect and in the process make them look worse. I have to have moisturizer and nail clippers with me most of the time so I don't rip off chunks of finger that begin as a tiny flake of dry skin. I didn't say it would be pretty.... Of course, this isn't true all the time. Just on days that end in "Y".

4. I love to cook. It is very relaxing for me, like playing. Last night I took a bag of frozen peppers and onions (my latest best discovery from Kroger- so many frozen veggie meal starters), cooked them up with garlic and ginger, added salmon, white wine, and soy sauce, and served it all on top of ramen noodles. Man was that ever some good stuff!

5. I really don't ever feel my age. I'm 28, and I'll be (gasp!) 29 in April, but I think on average I feel like I'm around 22. I probably act like I'm 16. I've just never caught on to this whole grown-up thing. I mean, I guess I'm getting slightly more responsible in that I'm paying down the crapload of debt I'm in and I'm trying to make better money choices and I just opted to put more money in my 401k because, well, it's important, and I'm trying to be more mature at work because jesus I manage 5 people. But, ummmmmmmmm, I'm still about 22.

6. Ironically, given #4, I despise grocery shopping.

7. I'm a closet science nerd. I work in apparel (I sure can't go so far as to say FASHION, that's a bit rich), and I went to school for fashion design, but I make sure to read the New York Times science section every Tuesday, and I usually end up printing off articles and filing them in a huge folder and I don't know what I'll ever do with them. Almost always they're about biology and health. One of my favorite authors is Matt Ridley, I've read two of his books and I have another to start. Give me a book about genetics and I'll probably disappear for hours to read it.


Heather Meadows said...

I like your random things! I wholeheartedly agree on #1, though I think I'd be forgiving--maybe they're just nervous!

Totally with you on #2...I think I've blogged about that, actually, but I can't find it anywhere :>

I'm OCD in different ways...I like things around me to be balanced, so if someone moves, say, the magnets on my file cabinet, I freak out. I also let things go until suddenly I can't stand it anymore and I tidy up everything.

Word verification: rpxmdasm. Really fun to try and pronounce!

Yet Another Heather said...

Ohhh, I completely get the tidy up everything part. It's like my place hits critical mass and then if I don't clean it I'll sit there thinking about all of the things that need straightening up or vacuuming or whatever, until I realize that if I had just gone ahead and done it I'd be a lot happier. So it's like I'm saving time by giving in.

I like balance too. I realized the other day that I put up practically everything on my walls in threes... three fabric panels in the bedroom, three in the living room, three black and white pictures I ripped out of W magazine and framed, I used to have 3 cards taped to the wall. Seriously! I don't know what my problem is!

Yeah, my word verification is dffdob which sounds like the nickname for a gangsta.