Friday, November 23, 2007

The Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Day

Known to some as "Black Friday" this has been a damn good day. Slept in a little and then took my car to the dealership for 2 recalls that had to be seen to. Turns out Black Friday is a GREAT day for getting car repairs because everyone else is out shopping and actually NEED a vehicle. I got MHM to pick me up and we went to his office for a while.

He's moving to a new space at work so we spent a lot of time sorting through random crap and organizing stuff to pack up. The man baffles me. The other day I told him I'm not marrying him until he cleans up his stuff because he is a slob. To be fair, I run the opposite end of the spectrum, I tend to be a neat freak. We're the odd couple, and I know enough about how that works that I am sure if some sort of happy medium is not met and we live together, I will kill him. Over not throwing out junk mail. Anyway, the truly weird part (to me) is that he has all of the tools for getting organized. File folder hangers and stands, inbox/outbox trays, drawers, cupboards, you name it. He just doesn't use them. I sorted through a desk drawer filled with random scraps of paper and receipts, pay stubs, fast food napkins, and invoices. And do you know what else was in that drawer? 10 EMPTY hanging folders. The tools are there. I'm not sure he can be saved. I am sitting in his living room and it is all I can do to not start cleaning. Part of me really enjoys going though other people's stuff and helping them organize. I've been paid for a it a few times. But I know MHM well enough by now to know that A. he won't appreciate any effort I make toward cleaning his place, and B. it'll be back to this again in 1 month. So I clear a path and leave it alone. For as long as I can.

Anyway, this post is not a bitch session about cleanliness and organization. After I got my car back, we came home and crashed. We took a 3 HOUR nap. LOVELY. And then we ate Mexican food at our favorite place, and came home to have leftover pumpkin pie. YUM. Now I'm catching up on blog posts and he's watching Transformers. Except somewhere in there it changed to Superman. Oh well, we're happy and relaxed and life is good and I love days off work.

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving everybody!

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Heather Meadows said...

Sounds like a great day :) I spent mine watching DVDs and putting up Christmas decorations :)