Friday, July 20, 2007


My awesome little sister read my "Age" post, went to, and sent me the Plain White T's CD. How awesome is THAT? She said that if I feel it is too young I can just say, gosh, my little sister sent it to me. I like that. It implies that I was helpless because if I gave it back I'd hurt her feelings. And she'd cry. Or throw a big fit about how they are FOR SERIOUS the most fantastic band ever and to not listen to them would be a crime and she has homework to do and eye makeup to get the hang of and just get out of her room already!!!

(I'm pretending that she is younger than 25 years old, and doesn't act more mature than me on a daily basis.... Because really that whole description up there is not even close to reality. She's finishing her Master's degree and rocking DC's non-profit health advocacy world. She wins.)

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