Sunday, October 01, 2006

The One Where....

So, I just found out on Friday that my gay boyfriend in college is no longer. This was the guy who was my escort to all sorts of single-girl events, such as movies, dinners, fashion shows, coffee shops, the MAC counter. He would loudly critique the male members of society, and I would giggle with embarrassed delight. Together we would go to the Home Depot to pick out the right shades of forest green and khaki to go with his FABULOUS bedspread. So much fun having a gay boyfriend. Unfortunately, once I left for this Bigger Southern City, we fell out of touch a little.

Sound like he's dead? No, he's not. Out of the blue, I got a very cryptic email, sent to masses of people, telling us to call a brutha cuz there's been some biiiiiig changes. That's the understatement of the year.

My former gay boyfriend is no longer gay. That's right folks, after 28 fabulous years of being fabulously gay, he's taken a different path. Recently he's become a Christian again. And then God told him that he didn't need to be a homosexual anymore. Homosexuality is about lust, not love, and God says he doesn't need that anymore.


I can't believe how much this upset me. Not only because he's turned his back on what he's believed since 1st grade, but because of how much his attitude has changed in a matter of a few months. He was just a lustful, untrusting gay man incapable of love. Now he has met a "nice young lady" through church. She's so innocent. They're dating, and he finds it refreshing that people in straight relationships don't jump into bed with each other on the first date. Riiiiiight. I'm glad to see he's really becoming familiar with the whole arena.

I'm mad at him for letting himself be brainwashed. I feel like I've lost a friend. And I hope I can keep being his friend so that when he comes back to his senses I can be there for him.

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