Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I am the snottiest snothead

I hate being sick.

I know that seems like the most obvious sentence on earth, but you'll just have to forgive me- I'm on drugs. Tylenol Cold, to be exact. And it really is crap. Someone needs to tell them that their meds are doing nothing for the aching, sneezing, runny noze, watery eyes, fuzzy-headed feeling that I get in the middle of a head cold. I want to curl up and die. I guess instead I'll settle for a nap.

It started Sunday when I woke up with a wickedly sore throat (that's my very least favorite part of a cold, or maybe I should say most hated part- the sore throat). I started Zicam

and Vitamin C, and although I felt sorta icky on Monday, yesterday I was actually functional. Today... well, today I woke up and couldn't breathe. I blew my nose and heard that clicking/popping sound in my head that means no matter how much I blow, there's much MUCH more where that came from.

I dragged myself to work for a couple of hours, but admitted defeat at lunch. I went to Quiznos for a smoked turkey sub, hit Starbucks for some Caramel Apple Cider (YUUUUMMMM!!!) and took it all home, where I am sacked out on the couch for the day watching Food Network. And sleeping. And coming back here to the computer to play solitaire. Because really that's all my brain can take today.

Fabulous. And MHM is sick too, poor guy.

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alissa said...

Oh no! I am the biggest baby when I get sick. THE BIGGEST. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the link!