Saturday, October 14, 2006

Frivolous Crap

Sometimes I am amazed at how caught up I get with really vapid things. It is almost embarrassing. I grew up Quaker. I was homeschooled. I know nothing about music from the 80's. (And I constantly hear, "How do you not know this? This is PRINCE! Depeche Mode! Cyndi Lauper!") I was a huge backstage theater nerd. I played viola. I wore bad 80's glasses. Are we getting the picture here?

But then down the road I majored in fashion design. And started wearing jeans that didn't come up above my waist. And t-shirts with some shape to them. I listen to the radio. I have a slight obsession with Grey's Anatomy. And now all I can think about this weekend is that I have to get to the department store that has a MAC counter so I can get another eyebrow pencil because my favorite one is OUT and I don't know how I'll manage. Is that not sad? I mean, I could go on and on about how great it is, and have at length at (one of my favorite websites). Any blondes out there? I was born with blonde hair, which has darkened up a little, but my eyebrows are so light as to be almost invisible. And for some reason most makeup companies have decided that blonde girls would like to parade around with red brows. Because really, isn't that the most flattering thing in the world? MAC makes the only truly blonde pencil. And for this I might give them a prize. Oh wait, I already give them $12.50.

But at least I haven't bought the new black Chanel nail polish! (What? What black Chanel nail polish?)

Exactly. My mother (the grad student) and my sister (the grad student) are out changing teenagers lives and being advocates for sick people. And I'm thinking about eyebrows and fingernail polish. Which I'd never even wear because I bite my nails like they've wronged me. And while part of me feels it should be beneath me or something, the other part of me knows I'm going to get my makeup. And is thrilled about it. :)


Heather Meadows said...

You can't be all about one thing, especially not altruism. Sometimes you have to indulge your desires, however selfish they might be. Nothing wrong with that. It's selfishness that has allowed us to survive as a species.

I'm a blonde, but my eyebrows are just dark enough to be visible and just light enough that if I don't "sculpture" them, people don't really notice. I've been a tomboy most of my life, so when things get busy, that kind of personal care is the first thing to go.

My vice is food...which I really shouldn't indulge in as much as I do ;P

Yet Another Heather said...

Oh yes, food is definitely a big vice here too. I try to be good... but it's just not ever gonna happen. I like dairy and carbs and steak too much. :)