Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The One About the Summer

I cannot believe it is almost October. One of my favorite months of the year. I come home from work every evening and throw open the windows and will the air to be cool and dry. The South is not the greatest for fall weather- it takes forever to get here and then seems to jump back to summer a lot and then that's it. I'll take every bit I can get.

This has been sort of a weird summer. No, this has been a very weird summer. In June I had to get some very unpleasant surgery on my girl-parts (isn't that classy?), involving lasers. It sucked. I threatened MHM (hemming and hawing about work and money) with death if he did not come up and help me out, so of course he did. I had to be there at 6:00am and the nurse poked around in my arm for a vein 3 times, and then I thought I was gonna pass out from the pain and hunger and whatever was getting pumped into me. Recovery was only a few days and now I'm fine- no signs of relapse or return or whatever you want to call it. Lovely.

Two weeks later MHM was goaded into proposing to me on his uncle's back porch with his ENTIRE family watching and egging him on. It was not the ideal proposal. It still does not feel real, exactly. We had talked a lot about getting married before this, so it wasn't a completely out of the blue event. And for a while I thought nothing had changed and the only difference was a ring on my finger. Now I don't know how I feel about the whole marriage thing. Sometimes I'm totally into it, sometimes I really like my own space and time and don't want anyone even NEAR me. Then I just feel selfish and mean.... But, the ring is beautiful. It is not a traditional a-diamond-is-forever solitaire, it is a pear-shaped light blue sapphire, it's almost purple. It is so pretty. I look at it and smile every time.

In the middle of July I had to take a business trip to Honduras for a week, which I absolutely hated. It was humid, dirty, extremely poor, and nothing tasted right. I came back with the worst case of the crud EVER. My stomach would not settle for days, and after a round of Cipro it seemed to be right again. Note to self: when traveling to a foreign land south of the border, take Cipro!

In August MHM and I went to Greensboro for a little vacation and so I could see old friends and catch up and tour the old stomping grounds and such. Old friends of mine were suddenly like children. DWIs, stupid passionate arguements about haircuts and the BEST SHOTS EVER... I had fun seeing some of my particularly good friends who I really missed, but I could have left the rest of it. WAIT, I DID leave the rest of it! At least I got a free haircut.... :) My Handsome Man and I also stayed at a fairly nice hotel with the best bed ever. It's one of these "come stay at our hotel and you will sleep like a newborn baby or the dead." I slept like a log. My bed at home is full size, and this one was KING size, just huge. I felt like we could have done olympics on that thing, had we been so inclined.

I wonder how I'm going to look back on the Summer of 2006 in a few years. Because right now I just need Fall.

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